performance in excellence.

"Be among those who are the first to know about top investments, alternative investment opportunities and private placements with a high return on investment. Take advantage of the crucial knowledge advantage over banks, brokers and traditional asset managers and take us to the top of the value chain."

The Company

The Quantum Business Foundation (QBF) is an US-Corporation and a social business
based on the idea of Nobel laureate Yunus. QBF is a specialist for alternative investments, corporate finance and innovative wealth management. For High Net-Worth Indiviuals (HNWI`s) and Ultra High-Net-Worth Indiviuals (UHNWI`s) a professional financial moderation and investment coordination is offered. We have a high-class performance network and we have possibilities beyond the known average.

"The extraordinary does not happen in a smooth, ordinary way."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The acting persons
The QBF network and individuals include consultants from US and European governments and other systemic institutions. Also a High Class Performer Lawyer, one of the top five lawyers in his sector worldwide and since 1992 an onboarder on the biggest traders of banking instruments at the largest A-Banks in Europe. The network is supplemented by high-class management consultants, who have been active in the field of legal tax optimization since 1971 and specialize in special purpose vehicles (SPVs) in various countries. Almost all persons involved are themselves High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) or even Ultra High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWIs). There are currently only about 200 companies worldwide that can boast of this concentrated load of competence and access.

"The key to success is not the information. These are people."

- Lee Iaocca, former chairman of Chrysler

Our core competence
Innovative wealth management and exclusive as well as alternative investment opportunities in the Private Placement sector. Access and implementation of high-class performance investments and business opportunities beyond the publicly known median. The QBF provides access to secured investment opportunities - often in the form of lucrative share deals and in the institutional trading sector. True to the commercial motto "The profit is in purchasing", our investors achieve above-average return on investment (ROI) through excellent purchasing conditions for private placement, in the tactical and temporally best moment of a trading transaction. Furthermore, we advise our customers competently, objectively and based on years of know-how in the investment sector.

An important core area is also the access to Private Placement Project Funding, which is refinanced by European stimulus Programs with secured High Level Trade Programs.

Furthermore, we offer high class management and finance moderation for high-net-worth Individuals (HNWI`s) and ultra-high-networth individuals (UHNWI`s). Further coordination and stabilization of the investments.

We also offer access to special purpose vehicle (SPV) solutions for high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and ultra-high-networth individuals (UHNWI´s).

Another strength of QBF is also to co-ordinate investors with smaller assets through our excellent network to "pump it up" systematically. Example: access to fully automated forex trading on the own broker account with usual availability.

Our consulting services range from management consultancy to corporate finance.

QBF has built and consolidated a broad network. This consists of specialized consultants, trust companies, family offices, investment banking platforms and real estate companies.

"If you can not find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until the day you die."
- Warren Buffet, $ 80 billion fortune CEO of Berkshire Hathaway with a market value of $ 500 billion

Our philosophy:

Appreciation comes from value creation.

Our core values:
Honesty, fairness, reliability, trust, respect, commitment, responsibility, business ethics.

Our mission:
Our common mission is to enable many people to attain true prosperity and financial freedom. Already wealthy people, we help to get to a much higher level. We are an opportunity giver and love to let our clients generate a high profit.

Our vision:
Our vision is to grow profitably while further expanding our high-class performance network and enhancing our positive social impact. We live this as acting persons. By combining our multinational network with our diverse local roots, we can offer alternative opportunities that meet the needs of our clients. Or even surpass them by far. By leveraging our global reach and investing even more in humanitarian projects, we can be effective in making a big impact on the world.

"We can not close our eyes to the challenges facing the world, the economy must make a significant, positive contribution to addressing these issues, and I am convinced that we can create a more just and sustainable future for all of us."

Short overview our access and services:

• Project Funding:
Funding through subsidized and secured high level trade programs

• Alternative Investments:
Access to the largest traders of the largest A-banks in Europe for institutional and non-public trading in banking instruments in the primary and secondary markets - Secured trading with a particularly high return on investment (ROI).

• Full Service Forex Trading:
On your own Broker Account via API, Artificial Intelligence Algoritmic Trading and a regulated High Class Performance Trader.

• Corporate Finance

• Marketing

• Company Consulting
Restructuring of ailing companies and obtaining sufficient liquidity through non-public access

• Investment Real Estate:
Apartment buildings, residential complexes and commercial properties - mediation of business contacts in this sector

• Cryptocurrency Consulting
Instruct and set up innovative banking and fintech solutions that link Fiat Money and digital currencies - a security strategy for global financial crises to protect its funds

the social business group.

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  108 West 13th Street 19801 Wilmington
Phone: +1 888 666 1215
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